Japanese Gastronomy

Having a meal isn’t just put food in your body, but a social happening in Japan. It’s the time to discover the many facets of Japanese dishes as well as meeting people and talk business or just gather for a chat. Einfach Essen in seinen Körper stopfen ist nicht sehr japanisch. Im Gegenteil; Das Essen… Weiterlesen Japanese Gastronomy

Bathing Japanese Style / Baden auf japanisch

It’s rather ironically i couldn’t visit and photographing more ‚Onsen‘, as Japanese call their typically bathing places. Around Yufuin are many hot springs, therefore it’s famous for many public bathing places. Often they are settled in lush gardens, midst in a forest or surrounded from rocks. Sulfuric steam crawle over the ground, damp air rise above… Weiterlesen Bathing Japanese Style / Baden auf japanisch

Shiitake – Japanese mushrooms

At breakfast i found this popular Japanese mushroom on my plate – shiitake. If literally translated the meaning is tree-mushroom. To the explanation follows an offer to see a mushroom farm. Fifteen minutes later i sat on a taxi to greenhouse. Piles of wood with white dots are stabled in a large room. These dots… Weiterlesen Shiitake – Japanese mushrooms

Yufuin, Japan / The Flora-House

The Flora House is not only the name of a traditional Japanese hotel, so called ryokan, but the concept of this family run accommodation. The cosy rooms and an ‚onsen‘ ( a hot bath with water direct from hot springs) with view of mount Yufu is worth to stay a couple days. The food too is… Weiterlesen Yufuin, Japan / The Flora-House

Arriving Japan / Ankommen in Japan

It’s an incredibly long flight from Europe to Japan. With tired, small eyes i got out of the plane just to find huge boards with advertisements in a completely strange language. As unknown the signs are, the Japanese food is to me too. Even more overwhelming is the heartily welcome here. Celebrate life means having… Weiterlesen Arriving Japan / Ankommen in Japan

Memory of the victims of Tsunami 2011.3.11 in Japan

A candle is burning on my desk, not only as a tribute for all the victims from the tsunami in Japan three years ago, but also as reminder to respect the power of nature over our (radioactive) technology. A radioactive-free future is possible …and needed! Eine Kerze brennt auf meinem Schreibtisch. Zum Gedenken an die… Weiterlesen Memory of the victims of Tsunami 2011.3.11 in Japan