Traveling and photographing out of pure passion.

Human. A species which is driven by curiosity.

Traveler. To explore the world, meet people, learn from cultures.

Photographer. Of everything what comes across my path, or just wakes my interest or makes fun.

On a hot day in June 1993, i landed in Singapore, after my very first flight.

The following journey trough South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia been so exciting, i didn’t wanted stop traveling anymore. And actually i didn’t since.

My curiosity brought me around the next corner, over the next hill, to the next city, country, continent, and literally around the world.

I kept traveling every year for at least couple months. In 2003, i quit my apartment in order to live in a caravan during the European summer and traveling in (European) Wintertime. From 2007 mostly in my Landrover Defender, named ‚Tina Tortuga‘.

From start of traveling i felt, i want capture the sceneries and atmospheres i encounter on my journeys. So i bought my very first SLR camera in 1995 on my trip to Hong Kong, where i got great advices from the local Nikon Service Centre. And since i’m using that brand.

Just back from that trip, i started taking different courses by Nikon Switzerland and various other photographer. During the years i keep educating myself in different fields of photography, went trough a quite technical and serious online-course of FI (Fotografie Institut) and joined a series of high-leveled, advanced workshops from CAP, Zurich/Switzerland.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. I saw on comment on line about Tanzania. I am looking to take my 7 years old boy to DAR. From there I am looking for a company they I can hire to take me to Mikumi national park – including lodging andTransportation and the drives to the park from the lodging. Any company that you trust that you can recommend or a contact ? Thank you


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