wildlife tour serengeti/ngorogoro crater

Despite the high costs, visiting the Serengeti plains and the Ngorogoro crater was considered as a Must. Travel with my Landrover wasn’t affordable, so i booked a tour by group. With bad maintenanced cars we drove the long was from Arusha into Serengeti area. First rule; never trust the words of a tour agencies. I’m not gonna start a list of all false promises and failures this overpriced tour brought me, but just tell you, that there was no tour group at all, which get what they told them.

The wildlife, landscape and experience of „real Africa“ was given. The following pics was chosen in a hurry. Sorry for not editing (at all), but just put it on my blog. I hope you still enjoy and get an idea about Serengeti and Ngorogoro Crater

Marangu’s village life

Marangu. There’s not much to say, but only to enjoy that calm, tranquil village on foot of Mt.Kilimanjaro. For a long weekend i could enjoy the hospitality of these friendly people and had a little inside of their daily village life.

Coffee from Kilimanjaro

Early morning. Cool, pure air surrounds the highest mountain of Africa. With the first sun rays, light clouds start to gather around the peak. In the next hours the clouds get thicker and hiding Kilimanjaro behind it. The climate here is just perfect for coffee plantages. We learned the process after harvest coffee beans, peel the skin off the beans, roast it over fire and grind it to fine powder. Much fun, but also hard work and very interesting to see.