Tsavo West National Park

Surprised by the atmosphere, i didn’t regret to get up so early to reach the park entrance. Mist floats over a hilly area, birds chirping in the bush and the old volcanos looks promising. I’ve hardly seen any other vehicles in the park, but got on very remote tracks on top of volcano or in deep bushland. Stunning views and the loneliness of the place will keep in my memories. Most impressive was the last hour, actually on my way out of Tsavo West. A bit disappointed not having enough time to spot black rhinos in the rhino sanctuary, i got a clear view on a leopard, but missed to take a photo. Another leopard crossed my way around 20km further. This time i had my camera quickly on hands. Unfortunately, the light was already dimmed and my camera setting didn’t allowed a clear shot. It’s unbelievable that i got sight of a third leopard this day. It was next to the road, roaming slowly next to my Land Rover and allowed me to taking series of pictures of it. Sometimes the luck don’t come once, but trice 🙂

Amboseli National Park

On foot of the highest mountain in Africa is a pretty small national park. Its inhabitants are not very special to someone who traveled other parks in Africa, nor is the vegetation extraordinary in compare of rest of Kenya. But the most unique and breathtaking atmosphere of the park comes not from inside the park. It’s not even inside the country. The majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, which stands on Tanzanian side, rules over the plains of Amboseli park.

Early morning, before sunrise, already a small cloud was over the „Kili“. Soon as i recognized the shape of the mountain, i started to make photos of it. And kept photographing till it disappeared behind thick clouds.

At afternoon, and many wildlife pictures later, the clouds lifted on the mountain and revealed a snowcapped top. The clouds remained till the night fell over the landscape. But next morning, the most beautiful view of Kilimanjaro my eyes have ever caught, let me stunned.

Photo Shooting With Ruby

African girls like to change their hairstyle frequently. With Ruby i had the pleasure to meet  her over the last weeks in very different styles and having a couple shootings. Each time she looked like another person. She also grow more self confident with every shooting, a pleasure to have her in front of my Nikon.

Project; Give Girls A Future

One of the manager told us the entire history of that project. While my friend wrote it down, i got briefly the purpose of it. To get the girls from the street, out of drugs and their struggle in life, teach them a profession and help them to find a job. Tailoring is a good way. Just recently another seven girls from the project found a job in a big tailor factory, he told us. The office is occupied by 6 persons, busy at their desks. Colorful fabrics and and finished bags are lying around.

We are led around the building which stands just at edge of a slum. In there upper levels are the rooms for education, a library and the sewing machines. Next to famous brands like Singer stands machines from China. No matter, as long they do their work. Three women were busy and explained how they produce washable sanitary pads. Good idea to produce something reusable, but despite they’re convinced it’s easy to clean them properly, i still doubt it since they use to wash with cold water.

On roof top young women with their children just finished lunch.The kids were playful, posed for photos and some older ones wanted try themselves to take pictures. A couple boys gathered in a corner to play cards. When get down again, a dance class just started in one of the rooms. With the rhythm in our ears we leave the place.

Lake Naivasha Impressions

Despite the many, noisy people who shared the campsite, i enjoyed the long weekend at Lake Naivasha. A few photo impressions:

Hidden Mount Kenya

To circumnavigate Mount Kenya and making pictures from the area was the goal. But i choose the wrong time for it. Or the gods sitting on the mountain didn’t agree to get pictured. It started, like mostly, with the traffic jam in Nairobi. Passing Thika, up north to Nyeri, visiting the memorial park and grave of Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the boy scout movement.

Just south of Nanyuki my Land Rover crossed the equator line from south to north. The first time since i drove to the southern hemisphere at Gabon in 2010 (http://photoglobo.blogspot.co.ke/2010/03/gabon.html). But also on the northern and eastern side of Mount Kenya it’s hiding from my camera. There are few nice spots though. The eastern side surprised me with lush green forest, coffee plantages and waterfalls.

Back in Nairobi i knew, i have to go again. Next time with more time and less clouds.

Photo Shooting In Forest

A nearby forest was a quite and perfect location for a short photo shooting with Marie.

kitchen stuff

Just a few photographic impression all around kitchen stuff in my camp and nearby 🙂

No Shit: Hollywood In Nairobi

A friend called me, there are need of people joining as statists for filming. There is some money offered, but surely i wanted have a glimpse behind the scene of movie making too. The location was held on Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), an impressive building complex, especially at night. Inside that futuristic looking building is a big conference room, called the Amphitheatre. Rows of empty seats around a red carpeted centre when i get there. Just a few people sitting and standing spread around. No camera or film team in sight. A busy looking lady giving out a form which claims all right on filming on that spot. An amount of money for compensation is promised by that form too. To my surprise i’m told, it’s not a Kenyan production but Hollywood itself shows up, making a science fiction movie. Around 30 people gathered this evening to pretend being members of a parliament or council. Due the delay of the film team, we got coffee and sandwiches first, got fitted in suits and dresses and finally seated in front of the camera, which arrived meanwhile. The next three hours or so, we shifted from row to row, from box to box, from level to level. In the movie, the 30 people of us will appear as around 300 people in the council. Before midnight, the film director was happy with the take. With the welcome cash in my hand and new experience in my head i stepped out in the nightsky.

times of repairs

On travel, there are times of joy ..and there are times of repairs. Happy to see my Land Rover again, but there was quite few things to repair, to improve and to test again. The clutch must be replaced, as the pedal didn’t work properly too. To replace the word battery seemed to be an easy thing, despite the narrow place under the seat, that’s why i also put some switches and wiring in different places. Wondering why the new board battery won’t charge lead to a problem on the controller of the dual-battery-system. We took it out and put a manually switch between the batteries instead. Now the fridge didn’t work anymore. A few coffees later, and after i took some cash in hands, Gabriel could fix my precious fridge. There was more small things to fix, including a photo lens (fixed quick by Nikon Service in Thika Road Mall), but meanwhile i learned to be patient on traffic jam too. There seems only one rule on Nairobi’s streets: no rules! The start of rain season didn’t make it easier to navigate trough the city, especially at night. On the camp of Jungle Junction soaked the terrain to a muddy flat.Just right to test the couple new Maxxis off-road tyres i got here. 🙂