home of good hope

Guiding my mom and her husband trough Namibia, i didn’t only want show the touristic spots of the country, but also bring them closer to real life. A soup kitchen project in Katatura/Windhoek supported by my friend Barbara, was a good start.

In the „Home Of Good Hope“ approx. 600 children daily get food, explains Monica, the founder of project. When we arrived groups of children, some in school uniforms, waited in front of the house from corrugated iron sheets. Under the eyes of helpers the kids washed their hands in bucket filled with soapy water before entering the big gloomy room.  Inside wooden banks were provided, sorted in rows like in a church. Monica and her few helpers clapped in their hands and started to sind church songs with the kids, doing little daces with them, cheering them up to praise the lord, although there is no differences made by religions of the kids coming in. The only difference is made by school kids, who gets served first because the have to be in school on time. Four Swedish girls came in to help serving the simple, but  nourishing meal. They’re in Windhoek as exchange from nursing school and volunteering the soup kitchen today. In front of the building was a table with watery juice and apples cut in small pieces.

We brought from children clothes from home. Immediately they were sorted and given to kids attending this morning the soup kitchen. Some wear it with proud when the left the building. Amongst other things i discovered boxes for first aids, and indeed, a boy came with a wound on his leg. One of the helper cleaned the wound, put desinfection fluid on it and covered it. All in completely routine. Still all the laughter in our ears we left that place with good impressions.

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