Birds Of Kruger Nationalpark/South Africa

Bird-photography is one of most challenging kind of photography, I heard recently. Since there are many different and beautiful birds in the Kruger Nationalpark, it’s worth a try anyway, I thought. 

Krugerpark is famous for birdwatcher. No wonder with all these colorful and beautiful and feathered guys. Watching them flying over the water, catching their food or interacting with the partner. There are many cars with a sticker saying „bird watcher, please pass!“ Maybe I should get such one. Not to be disturbed by curious people who wants to know what I’m looking at even I just make a break for nothing 😉 

I’m still far to know all the birds name. And often i’m too lazy to look up in a book, but over time i’ll learn more about them. Photography also helps me to recognize them later. So there are the #egyptiangoose, #lilacbreastedroller, #tawnyeagle, #kingfisher, #africanspoonbill, #greyheron, #africanfisheagle, #southerngroundhornbill, #southernredbishop, #africanhoopoe, #sattlebilledstork or the #redbilledoxpecker on the zebras back.

Eventually I start to catch birds by my camera. The first few shots wasn’t successful at all. The settings are different, the light was changing a lot and those flying fellows constantly on the move. However, I got some tries which I want share here with you…

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