Coastal Road To Cape Cross

Not much to see on the coastal road, my stepdad moans. So i was challenged to show the beauty along the road. A sandstorm shaked us up on the long drive to Hentjes Bay, where we met the Atlantic Ocean. The wind freshed the waves up for big surfs, hitting the beach with roars. Following the coastline on hard earthen road, we were passing salt fields. Wooden tables with snow white or pink salt crystals were displayed for sale. Stop, i gotta fetch one, my mom asked. She picked a small nice pink colored one and we drove off into the smell of the seal colony at Cape Cross. Thousands of those animals playing in the water, lazing on the rocks and even occupying what supposed to be a picnic spot for visitors. The spectators doesn’t mind anyway, but were busy with selfies with the seals. As we did do. Just next to the mass of those mammals, two crosses for remembering the first landing of Portuguese sailor Diogo Cão at 1484 are erected. Another selfie and a brief explanation of the history were done there, although i knew the historical datas are sooner forgotten than the stench of the seals.

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