Fine Art Nude In Pilanesberg

It was in a shopping mall outside Pilanesberg Nationalpark, where i met this young, beautiful lady the first time. The talk lead to photography, more specific to beauty and fashion photography, modeling and so on. Thembi admits she wants to have a photo shoot, but there wasn’t any nice location around but Pilanesberg, the beautiful national park with its stunning landscape. The idea of having esthetic photos from her body in beautiful nature raised.

From the start, Thembi was a natural talent. She felt comfortable with the environment, moved smooth and confident and gave that look of a strong woman to the camera. We had so much fun, visited different locations, where it was not only beautiful, but of course, also safe to leave the car. After hours of photo shoot, we brought home a bunch of really nice, interesting pictures, but see, and judge, for yourself.

However Thembi had so much fun, she asked me for more photo shoots, but that’s another story for the next blog. Stay tuned!

2 Gedanken zu “Fine Art Nude In Pilanesberg

  1. Sehr schöne erotische Fotos. Frage mich, wie du es schaffst, wildfremde Mädels dazu zu bringen… –Sent from my Android phone with GMX Mail. Please excuse my brevity.

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    • Danke. Natürlich muss zuvor ein Vertrauen aufgebaut und dann professionell gearbeitet werden. Wenn das Model nach den ersten Fotos zufrieden mit dem Resultat ist, werden die folgenden Shots immer besser 🙂


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