At the pump station – somewhere in South Africa

On our search of a good and cool location for another photo shooting we came across this abandon pump station on a farm. We decided for a rather shabby but sexy look. Maybe a bit like the pin-ups from the 70’s, but darker and less colorful.

Thembi got an old, stained, short trouser and a teared shirt. With her curly hair and a stern look, she posed in front of the huge petrol drum. The gas pipe in the hand she gave a self confident look to the camera.

Despite the serious look, it was all fun and we captured few shots. But decide for yourself…

Fine Art Nude In Pilanesberg

It was in a shopping mall outside Pilanesberg Nationalpark, where i met this young, beautiful lady the first time. The talk lead to photography, more specific to beauty and fashion photography, modeling and so on. Thembi admits she wants to have a photo shoot, but there wasn’t any nice location around but Pilanesberg, the beautiful national park with its stunning landscape. The idea of having esthetic photos from her body in beautiful nature raised.

From the start, Thembi was a natural talent. She felt comfortable with the environment, moved smooth and confident and gave that look of a strong woman to the camera. We had so much fun, visited different locations, where it was not only beautiful, but of course, also safe to leave the car. After hours of photo shoot, we brought home a bunch of really nice, interesting pictures, but see, and judge, for yourself.

However Thembi had so much fun, she asked me for more photo shoots, but that’s another story for the next blog. Stay tuned!

Bikini Shoot With A Beauty From Mozambique

Do you do photo shoots? That question aroused when i took a picture of that young lady with her friend at the beach of Ponta Do Ouro. I do for fun, not professionally, i replied. She explained to me, she never did a photo shoot in bikini but like to have some pictures. So it came to her first bikini shoot on next day.

And she did very well, right? Naturally and confident she moved at the shore of the Indian ocean. Smiled, laughed or gave me a stern look. It was pure fun even when more people arrived and gave us a curious gaze. The crowd also attracted the police, which said, it’s too much water around our feet. So we had to stop. But hey the result is impressive, isn’t it?

Four Models…

Small group of people with camera equipment were sitting around at my camp at the beach. While talking with the crew, photographer, assistants and models, they mentioned they want have a photo shooting with me too. Why not right now a spontaneous shooting, i replied. I got my Nikon and a flash. In a couple minutes we improvised for a few pictures.

Beach Beauty

„Please take a photo of me“ she asked me, showing her cellphone towards me. I was chilling and reading under the shade of the beach bar. „It’s not gonna work with your cellphone cam“, i explained her, „it can’t handle the bright backlight and you would appear only pitch black on the pic.“ „Try it anyway“ she insisted. I took a pic for her, but showed her my Nikon and offered her a short, spontaneous photo shooting. She got so excited and started to pose like a pro, but see yourself:

photo shooting with zambian beauty

It was sheer luck to meet that Zambian beauty. We had not only a grand time with beer and pizza, but also big fun with a couple photo shootings. Mumba posed and moved naturally in the rough landscape of Zambia. But just see for yourself…

Es war grosses Glück diese Sambische Schönheit zu treffen und ein Privileg sie fotografieren zu dürfen. Bei Bier und Pizza besprachen wir die Shootings und setzten sie in den vergangen Tagen um. Mit viel Spass und einer herzlichen Natürlichkeit bewegte sich Mumba vor der Kamera und der rauen Landschaft von Zambia. aber seht doch selbst…