Caesarea Maritima, Israel – Ancient Roman Life At The Sea

It’s not the most impressive Roman remains. Neither by its size, nor its preservation or buildings. The location is it, what makes it for a nice stop on my way up north along the coast.

And the location gave this town also the name: Caesarea Maritima For more details to its history follow the link i provide.

Altough there was already a few bus loads of tourists, the site wasn’t overrun. At the amphitheatre, overlooking the sea, a group of young Americans sang even a few short songs for the audience. I enjoyed it with the crowd, but later i went my own way.

The trick is, to bring patience and let pass the tour groups, try to move between the groups and find farther niches, which let me imagine how the life was around 2000 years ago.

Looking over the mosaic floor trough the archway and stepping out on the terrace to catch some sea breeze. Life wasn’t that bad here 2000 years ago…


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