Four Models…

Small group of people with camera equipment were sitting around at my camp at the beach. While talking with the crew, photographer, assistants and models, they mentioned they want have a photo shooting with me too. Why not right now a spontaneous shooting, i replied. I got my Nikon and a flash. In a couple minutes we improvised for a few pictures.

Zanzibar – Stone Town Nights

When night falls over Stone Town, the few lights on the narrow streets fight against the dark, giving a new face to the old town. Youngsters racing with their scooters trough empty alleys, street food sold for late visitors and shadows escapes around the next corner. And you never knows from where the strange sounds comes, echoing in the alleys.

Marangu’s village life

Marangu. There’s not much to say, but only to enjoy that calm, tranquil village on foot of Mt.Kilimanjaro. For a long weekend i could enjoy the hospitality of these friendly people and had a little inside of their daily village life.