Tel Aviv – Old Jaffa

Where all began. Old Jaffa is the oldest part of the region and nowadays a main tourist attraction.

From far I can see the impressive silhouette of the old city and its strong wall towards the sea. I approach it along the beach. Suddenly i stood in front of these walls, on a square with little shops, bars, cafes, galleries and street musicians. Not only the tourists, but also the locals like this place to go out and enjoy the almost medieval atmosphere.

A board over a small entrance to steep staircase says ‚Welcome to Old Jaffa‘ and indicates an entrance to he small alleys of the old town. I tried to hide from the many trippers. Indeed i found some lonely, nice corners to enjoy some minutes of solitude.

Reached the top, there’s another square. A big fountain and the St Peter’s church on one side, more bars and souvenirs on the other. A small bridge leads to the Abrasha Park, with a beautiful view over the city and beaches. Time to go back there, i decided


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