Israel – Sea Of Galilee

Very calm and quite lies the Sea of Galilee in front of me. To my surprise i was almost alone on the shore and enjoyed the calm atmosphere here.

The village Capernaum was already mentioned in the bible and supposed to be a place where Jesus lived and thaught his disciples. Here you could imagine, how he went out with them in a fisher boat, and eventually even walked on water. It was enough for me to walk on the pier, but started to consider to hike the gospel trail, which starts in Nazareth and ends here in Capernaum.

But not this time. Then a few kilometer further south i reached Tabgha with the church of multiplication, also known as the church of ‚the loaves and fish‘. That’s the place where Jesus supposed to feed the crowd of 5000 people by multiplying five loaves of bread and two fishes.

The amount of busses all around this church let me think they try this wonder again by gathering 5000 tourist here. Groups after groups arriving, squeezing themselves trough the entrance, praying, singing …and making selfies.

But then a wonder happened indeed. Suddenly I found myself alone in that relatively small church. While i still could hear some rustling murmurs from outside, i enjoyed the calmness for a few minutes inside the cool church.

My last stop at the lake was in Tiberias with his rich history. Nowadays a holiday spot and resting place for pilgrims. Along the lake promenade are cafes, shops and guys shouting out for a short boat trip on the holy Sea of Galilee.


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