The Sipi Falls

From Kampala leads a wide, tarred road to the Kenyan border, but on my way i decided to drive a detour to the Sipi Falls. The camp was settled opposite the falls with stunning view to the scenery. Even a sprinkling rainbow appeared with the setting sun. Unfortunately it’s a typically ran down campsite, as many others in Uganda and in Africa in general. The staff tell me from a owner living far away, not interested to invest in facilities, nor seems the employers really keen on keeping it nice and tidy. they only count on customers coming (and paying) for the scenery up here. Probably i would had stayed longer if the campsite would been better maintained. However, that one beautiful night i enjoyed the place.

The Source Of River Nile

I felt the privilege to camp on a grassy site overlooking the River Nile. One site called „The Haven“ became easily a base of tranquility and peace, inviting me to stop by for awhile and do nothing than watch the river flow, the eagles fly and fishermen boats float. It was both, inspiring and meditative. The village nearby couldn’t offer much but laughters and friendly talks when i got to the only little shop around. It was actually just a shack with a weird calendar showing the Ugandian president in truly Rambo style. The ‚roll-eggs‘ they made was delicious, though.

Another camp i found was just above the spot where the Lake Victoria giving birth to the River Nile. A humble monument shows the place where the first European, a certain Mr. John Hanning Speke, spotted the source of the river on 28th July 1862.

Yufu-shi Area – Park Oike

There’s plenty of options if you want hike around Yufu Town. Since i got invited with a bunch of ‚tourist experts‘ the organizer showed us the nicest places. Park Oita, at foot of Mount Kuradake, has not only extend forest and mountain walks to offer but also little waterfalls and fresh springs to drink from. The quality of water is superb. Not far from the park is a small factory for bottling the water just from the spring behind the buildings. Over the explanation of micro-small bubbles in natural carbonized water, trough high pressure deep in the rock, i start to doubt. The best way to get rid of my doubts was to taste it myself. The taste was differently indeed. After a group photo with the director we start heading back to Yufu …with some bottles of that special spring water in our bags, of course.

In der Gegend um Yufu gibt’s viele Möglichkeiten zu Wandern. Da ich hier mit einer Gruppe von ‚Tourismus-Experten‘ eingeladen wurde, zeigen uns die Organisatoren die schönsten Ecken. Dazu gehört der Park Oike am Fusse des Kuradake. Neben ausgedehnten Wanderwege durch dichten Wald, bietet der Park auch Wasserfällen und frische Quellen. Nicht weit vom Park wird Quellwasser in Flaschen abgefüllt. Einer der Quellen soll natürlich karbonisiertes Wasser enthalten. Durch den hohen Druck im tiefen Fels wird Kohlensäure in microkleinen Blasen ins Wasser gepresst. Ich zweifelte erst, wurde dann aber bei der Probe überrascht. Winzig kleine Kohlensäureblasen prickeln dem Gaumen entlang.  Nach einem Gruppenfoto mit dem Direktor persönlich, fuhren wir zurück nach Yufu. Natürlich mit einigen Flaschen des Prickelwassers in den Taschen.