Murchison Safari Camp

Crossing the Victoria Nile over a bridge with the view of Karuma Falls, i got to the north of Uganda now. I noticed a Camp, just at the northern gate of Murchison Falls Nationalpark, where wildlife seems to cross. At that remote and quite camp is a waterhole. The manager, a young, smart lady, confirmed sometimes elephants, giraffes and more wildlife are to observe here. Despite my patience to watch out for them, the recently rain didn’t gave them the urge to come to the waterhole. Instead big animals i found big spiders, cats, chicken …and then yes, some antelopes came shyly closer. However, some relaxed days in peaceful nature.

Spider Transport / Spinnentransport

Cleaning my car, i got also rid of all the old cobwebs inside my spare tyre. To my surprise there was still a inhabitant, who crawled out angry. It almost seemed to attack me before went down to ground. On the back side i found an distinctive red mark. Just days before, while that spider was still living in my car, i had a talk with an American guy about the poisonous spider as Black Widow and its Australian relative the Redback Spider. To find out what i carried over last thousands of kilometers i googled and found out i brought the African relative of this species with me.

Bei der Autoreinigung entfernte ich auch endlich mal die löten Spinnweben innerhalb meines Reserverads. Zu meiner Überraschung war dieses aber noch bewohnt. Eine Spinne kroch hervor und schien mich sogar noch attackieren zu wollen. Sie liess sich dann aber zu Boden, wo mir dann eine auffällige rote Markierung am Hinterteil auffiel. Nur wenige Tage zuvor sprach ich mit einem Amerikaner über die giftige Schwarze Witwe und ihre australische Verwandte, die Rotrückenspinne. Neugierig geworden googelte ich und fand heraus, dass ich offensichtlich die afrikanische Version dieser giftigen Spinnenart mit mir herum transportierte: Button Spider

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