Bagamoyo – Old Town

Despite the sleepless night, caused by noisy neighbors, i wanted use the soft morning light for photos in Old Town Bagamoyo. Along the empty streets are old colonial houses, some were more important than others, but all witnessed the history of the town. I didn’t came very far as a young guy stopped me photographing. A self called tour guide wanted to sell entry tickets for an historical building. I refused to get inside and went on. He insisted i have to buy those tickets even i make photos of buildings from outside. Since i stay on public road when i make my photos i don’t have to pay any fee for it, i explained him. A older guy joined in, indicated himself as ‚officially‘ representative of Ministry of Tourism, and threaten me with a fine and arresting. In the entire „old town“ it’s forbidden to make photos without a paid permit. He couldn’t tell me where exactely the „old town“ begins or ended, though. Also my questions about private houses, nature things as trees or public buildings like churches or mosques couldn’t he answer. But he keeps following me for quite awhile and bothered me with threats. One of the few bad experiences in Tanzania, which treats me normally with big hospitality. Okay, i tell myself, Bagamoyo doesn’t like me, so i go on. Within an hour i was on the road again…

2 Gedanken zu “Bagamoyo – Old Town

  1. I’ve been back meanwhile and hadn’t any issues anymore. I got the impression this “law” isn’t in use anymore. And in consideration of all the local tourists taking pictures everywhere and unbothered it seems unfair to charge such high fees. However, the town and its beaches are worth a visit. Enjoy!


  2. About photo permits in Bagamoyo, Tanzania, I just had the same experience. Once you are aware of it, there are big signs everywhere referring to a law from the 60’s. You have to go to the tourism office and buy a one-day permit for 20.000, approx 8 Euro. I found it outrageous too, but there are so many good motives in harbour and beach, that I will do it tomorrow.


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