Tel Aviv – Urbanlife

Tel Aviv.

A vibrant city indeed. People strolling along the pedestrian zones, sitting in one of the many cafes at a square or in a park or just going shopping in one of the big malls. The mild climate makes it even more comfortable to be in the streets and parks, especially now in the wintertime.

So far not really different to many other modern cities on the world. But then, there’s that mix of smaller, older buildings between big, modern skyscrapers. I can’t make it out a clear line between living area and business district. It’s all fluently.

It’s also lively and colorful, as i find bigger or smaller graffiti everywhere. And a lot of movement too, not only by car, but many by bicycle and e-scooter. A network of bicycle paths makes it easy to navigate trough the city. It’s fun to take one of the rental e-scooter and roaming trough the neighborhood. From time to time i have to stop for a photo or a nice cup of cappuccino, of course.

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