Lushoto – Arriving At Irente Farm

Something different after those weeks at the coast. A nice, cool place with fresh air and green, lush forests. A quite, peaceful spot with great view over landscape. The Irente Farm just out of Lushoto has the perfect reputation for that. After a friendly welcome, i parked my Land Rover at the grassy campsite, took a fresh breath and got already a taste of the famous dishes with garden fresh vegetables. Back to my car, it was surrounded by big group of teenagers, playing and screaming. Oh Lord, why have these school class from Germany to be here on this week? They visited a partner school here for a project. However, it turned out pretty fun when they started with drum lessons and dance schooling. If i needed some breaks, i headed for a walk and chased bugs or chameleons with my Nikon.

bugs in bush

A couple, both biologists, invited me in the bush to show me more about the research they’re doing there. For once it’s not about big mammals or colorful birds, but about bugs and insects. That’s the chance to learn more about the small creatures around us. My macro lens wasn’t really used often, so i get a chance to gain some skill in photographing tiny creatures, who wanders unexpected fast. Termites in there housings, ants which lives in bush shells, ant lion catching ants who falls in his hole. Incredible dens life in the bush, but one has to look closer…