Leopard In Krugerpark/South Africa

It was at one of the picnic spots I made a break to brew myself another coffee. While my water was boiling, the engine of the car next to me was heating up too. The driver filled up cooling water in the system, when I asked I could help in any way. 

That’s how the conversation started. In like every talk in the Kruger Nationalpark, it’s leading to the latest sightings we encountered. That nice guy was telling me about a young, male leopard hiding in a tree. The location was in my direction I planned. Without wasting any more time I’m heading to that spot. 

Two other cars was parked in front of that huge jackalberry tree. The lush, green branches blocked the view to the big cat. I tried to get another angle, next to the other cars. And luck was with me, as the leopard stood up and changed to the branch in front of me. Despite the dense foliage we could look each other straight in the eyes …and camera lens.

Ngong Hills Photo Shooting

Ruth, who showed me around, was keen on a photo shooting on Ngong Hills. I was just as excited to fulfill her wish. Here some shots from there.

Sun, Wind and Sand on Sossusvlei

Not much to tell about the magnificent landscape around Sossusvlei area.  It’s a Must for every Namibia newbie, so certainly i brought my parents here too. Take a bit time to feel sun, wind and sand on your skin.

Kookerboom Forest and Giant’s Playground

There’s not many places on earth where those weird quiver trees are growing so dense to each other. Near Keetmanshoop is a farm which offers a campsite just next to a quiver tree forest. A perfect spot for viewing the sunset in amazing landscape.

Before that, or next morning, it’s a good advice to stroll trough „Giant’s Playground“. Big rocks laying around as merely thrown by playing giant’s.

Words hardly can describe the atmosphere, but photos can maybe give some impressions.