Milano – City Life

Just a stroll trough the some neighborhood was my plan. But it’s happened, that a workmate, who lives here, invited me to a coffee.

What a nice surprise to meet a local and listen to real life stories. After the cappuccino we went to a local market. Unfortunately i didn’t take pictures there, was just to busy to listen. I learned, even we are neighbor countries, there are already so many differences in mentality and life style. It’s not completely new for me, but learned more specific things. As they sell pork never in the same butchery as the red meat. Or the Milanese people love fish so much, they get actually the freshest fish here, rather than near the sea.

But there’s also a discrepancy in the income and the society get more and more divided in poor and wealthy people. But still the style of clothing is very important, especially here in Milano, city of fashion. „They rather eat all week plain rice, so they can go shopping at weekend“ my friend explained me.

We arrived one of the newest shopping complex in town, The City Life. Its architecture is stunning, i have to admit. From the outside as interior as well. Like three giant guards rising the office towers skywards, seem to protect the shopping complex. A park surrounds the district, gives green space for weekenders or afterwork strollers.

My way back to the camp leads me to extravagant living areas and passing the old, honorable music conservatory with the statue of Guiseppe Verdi in front of it. Life style and art, belongs inseparable to Milano. But when i got to the outskirt of the city i found another reality, the rundown living places of the less fortunated


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