There’s sunshine in Milano

My local friend felt already pity for me and assured me, it’s unusual having so many misty and rainy days in a row here.

On my last day in Milano it happened: The sun appeared with an unexpected power, to this time of the year, and lifted the mist over the city. Let’s go again to the city centre for a stroll, i told myself.

After a cappuccino i was ready to walk under the blue sky. I was not alone. The entire town seemed to enjoy the sun again too. The place in front of the cathedral was full of people. Amused to watch all the selfie freaks with their duck faces and the shopping addicted in the holy halls of commerce. I got myself lost in the streets of Milano, found another nice, little restaurant with tasty ‚panzerotto‘ and of course coffee, my personal addiction.

Milano – City Life

Just a stroll trough the some neighborhood was my plan. But it’s happened, that a workmate, who lives here, invited me to a coffee.

What a nice surprise to meet a local and listen to real life stories. After the cappuccino we went to a local market. Unfortunately i didn’t take pictures there, was just to busy to listen. I learned, even we are neighbor countries, there are already so many differences in mentality and life style. It’s not completely new for me, but learned more specific things. As they sell pork never in the same butchery as the red meat. Or the Milanese people love fish so much, they get actually the freshest fish here, rather than near the sea.

But there’s also a discrepancy in the income and the society get more and more divided in poor and wealthy people. But still the style of clothing is very important, especially here in Milano, city of fashion. „They rather eat all week plain rice, so they can go shopping at weekend“ my friend explained me.

We arrived one of the newest shopping complex in town, The City Life. Its architecture is stunning, i have to admit. From the outside as interior as well. Like three giant guards rising the office towers skywards, seem to protect the shopping complex. A park surrounds the district, gives green space for weekenders or afterwork strollers.

My way back to the camp leads me to extravagant living areas and passing the old, honorable music conservatory with the statue of Guiseppe Verdi in front of it. Life style and art, belongs inseparable to Milano. But when i got to the outskirt of the city i found another reality, the rundown living places of the less fortunated

Milano – a touristic perspective

So many times i passed Milano, the big, fashionable city of the North of Italy, but never stopped by here. Till now. At least getting a glimpse of the city, i thought. But why i come in the cold autumn, i asked myself after a cold night looking into a misty, cold morning.

First comes first. A real cappuccino with marmalade filled croissant in a typically Italian coffee bar. What a delight. Although this has not lifted my mood for a city walk, i have to admit.

But since i’m here anyway, i approached the famous Cathedral of Milano. At its wall i discovered a relief with the scene of the expulsion from paradise. Paradise, as i would define it, a bright, peaceful place with enough space and food for everyone, and warmth. Instead i found myself between huge pillars in a gloomy dark and cold room. People scurry by, whispers floating in the air, swallowed by the flickering candlelight and incredulous prayers are sent to the unreachable dome. Only the beautifully windows brings some bright colors into that dark mystic room and tells some stories of hope and light.

Talking about places of worship, there's this huge 'Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II'. A palace of consumption, excess and decadence. Just next to the catholic cathedral, also equipped with a huge dome, people flock in to get lost in shopping. Those who don't believe in their prayers for luck only, has the change to get some more luck by placing their heels on the balls of a bull figure on the floor and turn themselves three times around.   

My walk lead me to the famous 'Teatro alla Scala'. There i passed the statue of Leonardo, certainly one of the most famous person of all times. Finally i reached 'Castello', but didn't visit it, took some time in the big park behind it, where joggers run between trees and lovers meet up at the bridge, where they hope to lock their love at the rail.

I need a break, i decided, and rattled towards my camp by public transport...

In The Boudoir With Thembi

Can we do some boudoir photography? Thembi asked me.

At least we gave it a try…

At the pump station – somewhere in South Africa

On our search of a good and cool location for another photo shooting we came across this abandon pump station on a farm. We decided for a rather shabby but sexy look. Maybe a bit like the pin-ups from the 70’s, but darker and less colorful.

Thembi got an old, stained, short trouser and a teared shirt. With her curly hair and a stern look, she posed in front of the huge petrol drum. The gas pipe in the hand she gave a self confident look to the camera.

Despite the serious look, it was all fun and we captured few shots. But decide for yourself…

Bikini Shoot With A Beauty From Mozambique

Do you do photo shoots? That question aroused when i took a picture of that young lady with her friend at the beach of Ponta Do Ouro. I do for fun, not professionally, i replied. She explained to me, she never did a photo shoot in bikini but like to have some pictures. So it came to her first bikini shoot on next day.

And she did very well, right? Naturally and confident she moved at the shore of the Indian ocean. Smiled, laughed or gave me a stern look. It was pure fun even when more people arrived and gave us a curious gaze. The crowd also attracted the police, which said, it’s too much water around our feet. So we had to stop. But hey the result is impressive, isn’t it?

OST-EUROPA-MOTORRADTOUR #48: Der Strand nach der Saison

Die zwei deutschen Jungs, die ich in Skopje getroffen hatte, fuhren zum Strand nach Paralia, südlich von Thessaloniki. Warum das Wochenende nicht auch am Strand verbringen, dachte ich, und fuhr ebenfalls hin. Gerade rechtzeitig um noch ein Bad im Meer in der abklingenden Nachmittagshitze zu nehmen. Am nächsten Tag kam erst gar keine Lust am Baden auf. Trüb, regnerisch und kalt zeigte sich der Herbst in Griechenland. Die wenigen Urlaubsgäste trauten sich nicht mehr aus ihren Hotel raus. Der Besitzer meiner Unterkunft, der sich hauptsächlich als Erfinder sieht, malträtierte mich mit seinen Ideen. Unter anderem stellte er mir seine, angeblich patentierte, Doppelgabel vor. Sie helfe Geschäftsleute schneller zu essen und so Zeit zu sparen, ist er überzeugt. Ich flüchtete nach draussen. In die trüben. leeren Gassen. An den einsamen Strand, wo eine steife Brise wehte. In geheizten Cafés mit guter Internetverbindung.

Lynda At The Beach

Lynda was traveling Tanzania, as she heard about my lifestyle. To my surprise she changed her travel plans, checked out of her five-star-hotel and pitched her tiny tent next to my Land Rover which was south of Daressalam that time. She wanted know more about how i live and travel. However, i brought her to my „hideaway beach“, where we started spontaneously a photo shooting. Not having my full equipment with me, i tried to give my best, as Lynda did too. And she did well, didn’t she? 😀