Milano – a touristic perspective

So many times i passed Milano, the big, fashionable city of the North of Italy, but never stopped by here. Till now. At least getting a glimpse of the city, i thought. But why i come in the cold autumn, i asked myself after a cold night looking into a misty, cold morning.

First comes first. A real cappuccino with marmalade filled croissant in a typically Italian coffee bar. What a delight. Although this has not lifted my mood for a city walk, i have to admit.

But since i’m here anyway, i approached the famous Cathedral of Milano. At its wall i discovered a relief with the scene of the expulsion from paradise. Paradise, as i would define it, a bright, peaceful place with enough space and food for everyone, and warmth. Instead i found myself between huge pillars in a gloomy dark and cold room. People scurry by, whispers floating in the air, swallowed by the flickering candlelight and incredulous prayers are sent to the unreachable dome. Only the beautifully windows brings some bright colors into that dark mystic room and tells some stories of hope and light.

Talking about places of worship, there's this huge 'Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II'. A palace of consumption, excess and decadence. Just next to the catholic cathedral, also equipped with a huge dome, people flock in to get lost in shopping. Those who don't believe in their prayers for luck only, has the change to get some more luck by placing their heels on the balls of a bull figure on the floor and turn themselves three times around.   

My walk lead me to the famous 'Teatro alla Scala'. There i passed the statue of Leonardo, certainly one of the most famous person of all times. Finally i reached 'Castello', but didn't visit it, took some time in the big park behind it, where joggers run between trees and lovers meet up at the bridge, where they hope to lock their love at the rail.

I need a break, i decided, and rattled towards my camp by public transport...

Crossing The Alps – New Journey Starts

It’s already late this year.

My feet got more and more itchy. But finally my #TinaTortuga is ready to take her out for another, bigger trip.

The decision for a destination was hard to find for this winter. There’s no lack on ideas and opportunities, tho. But where to put the priority?

Traveling by my Landrover #TinaTortuga.

Heading to warmer places.

Explorer new regions.

So, let’s start by crossing the snowy Alps, having a coffee in Italy first…

Autumn – the colorful

There was this occasion of a family reunion in a small valley. As a boy i used to spend our family holidays in these mountains in Northern Italy.

Blue sky invites for a hike in nature. From the top of the mountains shines the first snow of the season, and the colors of autumn burst from the forest.

A good opportunity to grab my Nikon and take some shots of this colorful world in autumn…


Zum Abschluss meiner Motorradtour nochmals ein sprichwörtliches Highlight. Auf dem dreigipfeligen Berg Titano und steht die mittelalterliche Stadt San Marino, Hauptstadt der gleichnamigen Republik. Während an der adriatischen Küste noch Nebel über den leeren Strand zieht, erheben sich hier die Türme der Sonne entgegen. Der Ausblick über die steilen Felswände ins umliegende Land ist grandios. Die engen Gassen beherbergen viele Cafés, Restaurants und Souvenirläden, um die Touristen zufrieden zu stellen. Mich zieht’s zu den Zinnen der Burgen, die erstaunlich wenig besucht sind. Wie ein Schleier des Vergessens verbirgt der Nebel die Küste von Rimini, das Adriatische Meer, den Balkan dahinter und die ganze osteuropäische Landmasse, die ich bereist hatte. Nach 9 Wochen und 10’000 Kilometer ist San Marino das 24. Land meiner Motorradtour. Ein kühler Wind aus dem Norden erinnert mich, dass es Zeit wäre, die Heimfahrt anzutreten.