Hike Trough Border Villages

Early morning a young guy approached me. He offered tours. Despite my plans to travel further, i got convinced to spend a day longer in this area. Julius, the young tour guide, promised me, not only to guide me for an hike along the Congo border, but also showing me authentic village life, where he’s born. I didn’t regret my decision. Trough villages and over farmland, he brought me to a cave, climbed up an hill with craters, where every inch is used as agriculture land, introduced me with school and showed me the spring, where village people get their drinking water. On this hike, i got the whole lot impression of country life in Uganda.

Tsavo West National Park

Surprised by the atmosphere, i didn’t regret to get up so early to reach the park entrance. Mist floats over a hilly area, birds chirping in the bush and the old volcanos looks promising. I’ve hardly seen any other vehicles in the park, but got on very remote tracks on top of volcano or in deep bushland. Stunning views and the loneliness of the place will keep in my memories. Most impressive was the last hour, actually on my way out of Tsavo West. A bit disappointed not having enough time to spot black rhinos in the rhino sanctuary, i got a clear view on a leopard, but missed to take a photo. Another leopard crossed my way around 20km further. This time i had my camera quickly on hands. Unfortunately, the light was already dimmed and my camera setting didn’t allowed a clear shot. It’s unbelievable that i got sight of a third leopard this day. It was next to the road, roaming slowly next to my Land Rover and allowed me to taking series of pictures of it. Sometimes the luck don’t come once, but trice 🙂

Fun Group Hiking At Mt.Longonot

Mount Longonot a quite volcano about two hours drive out of Nairobi, is the destination for a group of friends for a hike. I got invited and joined it with pleasure. Too long time i didn’t hike, and with that funny, open minded and nice people it’s pure pleasure too.

There’s many photos in purpose of giving the people of the group the chance to see them and download it. Have fun along the „photo story“  …and many thanks for the group letting me join in for that day!

Mauritius; the South / der Süden

A fully day drove me guide Ritesh around and showed me the south of Maritius as its best. From the big temple area to wild forest, from gorges and waterfalls to beaches. With stops at rum distillery, a colorful place called „7 colored earth“ and to visit huge turtles, discover coffee beans at bushes, walking over natural bridge or seeing pyramids in sugarcane fields.

Einen vollen Tag fuhr mich mein Hotelbesitzer und Reiseführer Ritesh im Süden Mauritius herum. Angefangen bei der grossen Tempelanlage um einen See, durch urtümlichen Wald hin zu Wasserfällen, Schluchten bis zu den Stränden. Einige Stops an einer Rumfabrik, an einen Ort den sie „siebenfarbige Erde“ nennen, Besuch bei den riesigen Landschildkröten, entdecken von Kaffeebüsche mit Bohnen dran, über eine Naturbrücke am Meer gehen und Pyramiden in den Zuckerrohrfelder bestaunen.